Publications & Research

My research interests include the intersections and co-constructions of race, gender, sexuality and information communication technologies (ICTs), the information and technology histories of Latina/os, and intersectional approaches to Library and Information Studies.


Velez, L. and Villa-Nicholas, M. “The Evolution of Critical Theories in Library History Literature, 1997-2015.”  Library Trends. (Spring 2017).

Villa-Nicholas, M. “Ruptures in Telecommunications: Latina and Latino Information Workers in Southern California.” in Aztlan: A Journal of Chicano Studies. (Spring 2017). 

Latina/o Librarian Technological Engagements: REFORMA in the Digital Age.” in Latino Studies. Winter 2015: V. 13 N. 04.

Latina Narratives of Information Technologies: Towards a Latina Science and Technology Studies” in Media-N Fall 2014: V.10 N. 03.

Invited Book Chapter

Villa-Nicholas, M. (Spring 2016). “The Making of the Invisible Information Worker: Latinas and the AT&T v. EEOC Case.” In The Intersectional Internet: Race, Sex, Class and Culture Online, edited by Safiya Noble and Brendesha Tynes. In Peter Lang as part of the Digital Editions series.


Villa-Nicholas, M., Tidline, T., and Drake, T. (In press). “Healing Justice: An Approach of Caring for Intersectional LIS Professionals.” in Social Justice and Activism in Libraries, Moving Beyond Diversity to Action, edited by Sue Epstein, Carol Smallwood, and Vera Gubnitskaia. In preperation for McFarland Press.

Villa-Nicholas, M. “Discerning Fake Information.” Teaching Media Quarterly.

(Under revision) Villa-Nicholas, M.  “Terror by Telephone: Normative Anxieties around Obscene Calls in the 1960s.”

Articles in Preparation

Sweeney, M. and Villa-Nicholas, M. “The Cultural Affordances of Virtual Latina Information Workers.”


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