Research & Writing

Peer Reviewed Publications

Villa-Nicholas, M (May 2018) “Terror by Telephone: Normative Anxieties around Obscene Calls in the 1960s.” First Monday.

Villa-Nicholas, M (Spring 2018) “Discerning Fake Information.” Teaching Media Quarterly. 6.1

Velez, L. and Villa-Nicholas, M. (Spring 2017) “The Evolution of Critical Theories in Library History Literature, 1997-2015.” Library Trends. 65.4

Villa-Nicholas, M. (Spring 2017) “Ruptures in Telecommunications: Latina and Latino Information Workers in Southern California.” Aztlán: A Journal of Chicano Studies. 42.1

Villa-Nicholas, M. (Fall 2015) “Latina/o Librarian Technological Engagements: REFORMA in the Digital Age.” Latino Studies. 13.4.

Villa-Nicholas, M. (Winter 2014) “Latina Narratives of Information Technologies: Towards a Critical Latina Technology Studies.” Media-N. 10:3

Invited Book Chapter

Villa-Nicholas, M. (March 2016). “The Invisible Information Worker: Latinas in Telecommunications.” In The Intersectional Internet: Race, Sex, Class and Culture Online, edited by André Brock, Safiya Noble, and Brendesha Tynes. In preparation for Peter Lang as part of the Digital Editions series.


Villa-Nicholas, M., Drake, T., and Tidline, T. (2018) “Healing Justice: An Approach of Caring for Intersectional LIS Professionals.”  McFarland Press.



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